Throughout most of the year

In the high desert,

The landscape appears barren,

Except for the tumbleweed and brush,

And the curious appearance of large and small

Sentinels, the Joshua trees,

Although, in truth, the desert floor

Is heavily populated with spiders,

And lizards, snakes, and other creepy-crawly  creatures,

But in the springtime, a magnificent transformation

Begins to take place,

As millions of wildflower poppies

Begin to bloom

Throughout the desert;

From a distance, the foothills appear to be

Sprinkled with gold fairy dust;

Less showy lupines and forget-me-nots

Cannot compete with the brilliance

of the  spectacular tangerine/gold/orange poppies

that proliferate wherever there is  a bit of soil,

Alongside the roadsides, in front yards,

Backyards, across the desert;

Enjoy it while we can,

the poppies bloom briefly,

and then disappear  for

Another year.






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